Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Adopt Bianca, Clarence and Freddy!

Meet Bianca, Clarence and Freddy. We rescued Bianca from the NY city shelter literally as she was being taken to be euthanized because they thought she was shy. We took her to her foster home where she hid for the first few days but quickly blossomed into a super-friendly cat who simply adores their 4-year old daughter.

Enter Clarence and Freddy, two 5-month old brothers who had severe upper respiratory infections at the shelter. We rescued them and took them immediately to our vet's to treat their illness. The infection was so bad that poor Clarence had to lose one of his eyes. But that did not deter the playful spirit of either one of these guys. We put them in the same foster home and Bianca took to them immediately as if they were her own kittens. They play together, snuggle together, eat together and sleep together --- all the while being extra affectionate with their human friends. All the cats love the 4-year old (they would make great companions for a family with kids) and they often sleep with their human foster mommy and daddy.

We would hate to separate this closely knit trio who have formed their own little family so we are looking for that special home who will open their hearts to all three. Bianca, Clarence and Freddy are all healthy, have their shots and are fixed.

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