Saturday, December 31, 2011

Adopt Rodney!

This little gremlin is Rodney -- one of the sweetest kittens you will ever meet. He's just about 6 weeks old and more cuddly, friendly and adorable kittens you will not see. Rodney is an active little guy so it was tough to get really good pictures but we are working on it. He loves playing with his pal Tallulah, a Russian Blue kitten and it's so sweet because he defers to her when it comes to the cat dancer toy. He lets her have at it and when she takes a break, he jumps in. He likes chasing her around, too and makes a great companion to another cat. Her also liked to be snuggled by his foster mom. He is just the best! Because he's so social, he needs to go with Tallulah or to a home with another pet.

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