Friday, July 22, 2011

Kitten season is here!

Kana 7 week old boy
loves to play with his adult brother foster cats
he is tiny but doesn't seem to know that

Well it may be the dog days of summer, especially during this heat wave in most of the country and NYC but it also is the height of kitten season. They literally are coming out of the walls. Dozens of kittens are handed into the city shelter and most of them being put down because there are not enough adopters. We are part of a mission to make NYC a no kill by 2015. I sometimes wonder....yes the numbers are down but many people still refuse to spay or neuter. We here at Ready for Rescue try to save as many as we can. It's easy math, the more foster homes, the more cats and dogs we can save. If you can't foster, there are other ways to help; donations, volunteering, spread the word to adopt. This week we rescued 4 little lives, we were the only group that called in for them. If we didn't call they would have been out down.

These guys are all orphans and now just waiting for their furever home.
Prince 9 weeks old
right out of the box this guy wanted pets and sought them out
found on St.Johns Place in BK

8 weeks old, another love machine
left in the lobby of the shelter with a bad wound

sweet little 7 week old

These are the kittens that were saved this week. You can meet them and other little ones like Lucas, Carla and Bean at this Sunday's event.
Pet Health
81st and Amsterdam
12 to 4

Carla and Bean
Carla is 7 weeks old tuxedo
Bean is 5 weeks old cow kitty
they LOVE each other
We met Carla at 3 weeks at the shelter
Bean also was another one left at 3 weeks old.
His big pink nose is just absolutely adorable!

9 weeks old

All looking for that home.

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