Saturday, July 30, 2011

Adopt Rudy and Ramona

Rudy and Ramona are one highly adoptable pair of love bugs! Theyre 8-week-old non-siblings who met at our adoption event when they were placed in a cage together and they had so much fun, we couldnt bear to separate them at the end of the day. They are being fostered together until they find their forever home. Both love to snuggle up Rudy is a lap cat, while Ramona likes to snuggle on your shoulder. Rudy is fearless, while Ramona is sometimes shy (though Rudy always makes her forget this).

They can amuse themselves for hours, playing with toys and each other but they also love humans and often ask for a rub under the chin or a scratch of the belly. They also get along with other cats and are right now trying to win over the three cats with whom they are sharing an apartment. Rudy and Ramona have bonded so well we hate to split them up and are looking for a home

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