Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Meet our new kittens!

In the past 7 days we have rescued 8 kittens, 4 of them still with their mom.

It all started with a cute little Russian Blue named Sherlene. Orphaned on the euth list. Russian Blues are quite popular because they have such nice personalities and are good family cats. We took her, but we did need to rename her. Now she is Olive Zoey Friskie.

This is her ACC pic.

This is her just a few days later at out vets.

That same night we learned there were 3 moms on the lists so we chose a little family.

This is Jamie and her 4 babies are below. Ready for adoption in 7 weeks.
Our next guy is Earl. He was on the euth list, those little black kittens all by themselves. He is about 9 weeks old and boy is he a pudgy boy! Fat and furry, so cute and healthy!

So we go to pick up Earl at the Brooklyn Shelter, and god this was an awful trip. 2 hours one way and 2 hours the other way, constant stopped traffic.
The actual pick up was only about 20 minutes. While we were there we got the ultimate question that we hate; "this little 3 week old came in, if you guys can't take her we will have to euthanise." This is because a 3 week old needs to be fed every few hours and the shelter does not have over night staff. Well of course you know the answer. She is a total squeaker and fighter. Her name is Carla and she is quite skinny and underweight but we are working on that. She has lots of spirit!

While we were waiting for little Carla's paperwork one of us decided to take a stroll and see if there were any other orphans by themselves in a cage. This sight just saddens me. We found only one, fortunately.
Meet Rosalita. Originally Rosalina but with the passing of Clarence Clemons we renamed her Rosalita.

7 weeks old and ready for adoption.

These are just a tiny percentage of kittens and cats dying every day. Choose to adopt. Encourage your friends to adopt. Lots of wonderful animals dying simply because someone didn't spay neuter and it is kitten season.

Interested in one of these furballs? Email us
Some of them will be at our event
Sunday June 26th at Pet Health 440 Amsterdam at 81st 12 to 4

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To help these kittens and cats you can donate here. Your donation will go towards Jamie and her babies at the vet, KMR mother's milk substitute for Carla, Rosalita and Olive and many other animals in need.

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