Thursday, June 17, 2010

Adopt Me -- Polly

Oh. My. God. Polly is the sweetest kitten ever. This 4-month old fluffy stunner fit in immediately in her foster home that has 4 other cats and a dog. She charmed the pants off all the critters as well as her foster dad. She adapts incredibly well to any situation and is a true gem. She's playful when you engage her, calm when you don't. And, she has huge, adorable front paws because she's a polydactyl -- it's like she has snowshoes! She is literally the perfect cat, For more info, email Doug at


  1. Polly is so cute!!! But my black cats are way cuter!

  2. she is the best kitten EVER!!!! who ever ends up with her is very lucky!!! :-) love her and all dougs fosters
    Dougs pet sitter

  3. Mmmm... dinner.